Reach your highest potential
We provide flexible capital and strategic assistance to market leaders in high-growth sectors.

A better approach to private equity

Private equity can be about more than just providing capital, and we believe it should be. Sagemount collaborates with entrepreneurs to accelerate growth and create value. We take a custom approach to every investment, combining flexible capital and value-creation solutions to address the unique needs of successful entrepreneurs.

We believe our partnership can deliver outsized outcomes for our companies – and our exceptional track record proves it. For more information on how we can help you grow, contact our private equity firm today!

A world-class portfolio

  • Accela
  • Adreima
  • Allen Media Group
  • ASI
  • Align
  • Bite Squad
  • Bradford
  • BuildingLink
  • Buyers Edge
  • Calltower
  • Conductor
  • Congruity 360
  • Connectria
  • Corcentric
  • Critical Start
  • CyberOne
  • DentalXChange
  • Dentive
  • DiscoverOrg
  • Discovery Data
  • ECN
  • Enhesa
  • Enprecis
  • Fluent Home
  • FullStack Labs
  • GPS Insight
  • Horizon Telecom
  • Independence Dental
  • Information Builders
  • Interface Security Systems
  • irth Solutions
  • Keg Logistics
  • Key Health
  • Kiteworks
  • LabVantage
  • Lux Research
  • Membersy
  • MicroEdge
  • MOBI Wireless
  • MRI
  • Neptune Flood
  • Network Merchants
  • Open Lending
  • Optima Partners
  • Options Technology
  • Orange Logic
  • PayArc
  • Printful
  • Procure Analytics
  • Purchasing Power
  • RDX
  • Recondo Technology
  • Scorpion
  • Seko Logistics
  • Single Digits
  • Solo
  • Steele Compliance Solutions
  • SurePrep
  • TradeGlobal
  • Transflo
  • Trapp Technology
  • TrustArc
  • Yapstone
  • ZeOmega
  • Together Group Holdings

Team up to make businesses better

We work in tandem with founders and management teams to build better businesses. We leverage each portfolio company’s unique growth factors to increase the velocity of value creation across five key pillars: go-to-market, customer success, M&A, recruiting, and exit planning.

A proven team

Sagemount supports our partners with strategic and financial expertise.

We are a team of passionate professionals with extensive experience helping companies grow and succeed.