Your growth partner

Sagemount was founded not just to invest in growing companies, but to help companies grow. Our Growth Factors team has the experience and expertise to help you create enduring value.

Chart showing 3x value creation from the time Sagemount becomes a partner until the full value of initiatives are realized which is usually between 2-3 years. During those 2-3 years, Sagemount helps implement Growth Factors initiatives.

Our success stories

  • Open Lending: From 30 employees to a $5 billion publicly traded company

    From 30 employees to a $5 billion publicly traded company

    • Sales acceleration
    • Tech & process innovation
    • Talent leadership

  • From 11% to 50% annual growth and a billion-dollar exit

    • Sales Acceleration
    • Offer Optimization
    • Talent Leadership

  • Discovery Data: Building a market-leading platform with 3x growth

    • Strategic M&A
    • Talent Leadership
    • Sales Acceleration

  • Steele Compliance: Meaningful organic and inorganic growth acceleration leading to strategic exit

    • Four strategic M&A transactions
    • Product pricing optimization
    • Long term exit planning

    Steele Compliance
  • RDX: Accelerating sales growth

    Sagemount more than doubled sales productivity in two years with limited additional spend.

  • TradeGlobal: Boosting profitability

    Sagemount tripled profitability and set the company up for a successful exit.

  • Adreima: A multi-pronged strategy

    Sagemount grew EBITDA run rate by 12x in less than a year.


Achieving your Alpha

We have a proven process to help you beat the benchmark and reach the next level of value. Learn more about the process from launch, through acceleration, to realization.

The Growth Factors team

We've assembled 20+ professionals who've helped take Valley startups and global enterprises to the next level, available to help you grow and succeed. 

How we collaborate

Our combined teams drive value creation together.

Sagemount Deal Team

  • Board-level guidance around industry trends, financing, and strategy

  • Two to four investment professionals for each portfolio company

Growth Factors

  • Help you formulate your three-year Alpha Plan

  • Provide you optional resources for growth initiatives

  • Share operational experience to realize your Alpha potential

Your Team

  • Key partners in the process, driving the initiatives

  • Achieving results they couldn’t previously