Bregal Sagemount Named to Inc.’s 2023 Founder-Friendly Investors List

Bregal Sagemount is pleased to be ranked by Inc. as one of the top private equity firms for entrepreneurs and founders. Bregal Sagemount provides flexible capital and strategic, innovative assistance to market leaders in high-growth sectors. The firm’s success has garnered the attention of Inc. yet again, earning it a place in the 2023 Founder-Friendly Investors list for the fourth time.

About the Inc Founder Friendly List

Inc. today revealed its 2023 Founder-Friendly Investors, our annual list of investment firms committed to supporting founder-led companies. Founder-Friendly Investors recognizes the capital providers entrepreneurs need when they need more than money.

Inc.  designed the list, which includes 218 firms in its fifth year, as a resource for founders to find reliable partners, whether they need venture capital, private equity, or debt.