Bregal Sagemount Named to Inc.’s 2021 Founder-Friendly Investors List

Bregal Sagemount is pleased to be ranked by Inc. as one of the top private equity firms for entrepreneurs and founders. Bregal Sagemount provides flexible capital and strategic, innovative assistance to market leaders in high-growth sectors. The firm’s success has garnered the attention of Inc. yet again, earning it a place in the 2021 Founder-Friendly Investors list for the second time.

About the Founder-Friendly Investors List

Inc.'s annual Founder-Friendly Investors list, also referred to as the “Top 146 PE and VC Firms for Entrepreneurs,” showcases firms with a track record of success in helping entrepreneurs rise to the top—and without requiring that they compromise what made their businesses remarkable in the first place.

As Scott Omelianuk, the Editor-in-Chief of Inc. media wrote, Inc.’s Founder-Friendly Investors list strives to “shine a light on the PE and VC firms that have founders’ backs,” something that is particularly important in the thick of a pandemic that continues to alter the American workplace.

“Our methodology included a wealth of references from entrepreneurs who shared their positive experiences partnering with private equity and venture capital firms,” Omelianuk stated. “We recognize firms big and small, some investing in businesses with less than $5 million in annual revenue, while others have portfolio companies with more than $1 billion in revenue.”

The competition for a spot on this exclusive list is always fierce. Omelianuk reported a more than 33% increase in applications for the 2021 list.

About Bregal Sagemount

A Private Equity Firm Focused on Value Creation and Growth

With over $3 billion of committed capital, Bregal Sagemount aims to improve upon inherent excellence, boosting rapid growth in a variety of sectors, such as software, digital infrastructure, health care IT/services, business and consumer services, and financial technology/specialty finance.