Tangoe Acquires MOBI To Become Global Managed Mobility Services Leader

Combination Delivers Greater Automation, Efficiency and Predictability for Enterprise Mobility Programs

Tangoe, the leading technology expense management (TEM) company, today announced it has acquired MOBI, the leading managed mobility services (MMS) company. This acquisition brings together the industry’s execution leader with the industry’s MMS visionary to create a global market powerhouse. The combined company manages $40 billion in annual technology spend and 10 million connected devices—nearly five times more than its nearest competitor.

“MOBI’s technology supports our overarching goal to help customers work smarter,” said Bob Irwin, CEO at Tangoe. “This combination will give Tangoe customers the immediate benefit of access to the most powerful MMS solution on the market and provide MOBI clients access to our global TEM capabilities, deep expertise and worldwide coverage. We’re thinking about what the TEM and MMS market of the future will be—and we’re building it now.”

MOBI customers will benefit from Tangoe’s more than 20 years of TEM experience, robust advisory services, global 24×7 customer support, cloud expense management capabilities and track record of continuous innovation, including more than 40 patents in TEM technology. The combination of the two companies will accelerate the introduction of new enhancements for the management of telecom, mobility, and cloud assets and programs.

“This is great news for the industry,” said Tim Lybrook, CEO at AOTMP. “I am excited for both organizations to come together. For MOBI, this deal leverages their mobility expertise and wraps it into a much larger global organization. For Tangoe, it accelerates their mobility position in the market and brings a strong customer base.”

Josh Garrett, MOBI president and co-founder, will join Tangoe as president of MMS and report to Bob Irwin. Scott Kraege, MOBI CEO and co-founder, will join the Tangoe board of directors and maintain an advisory role focused on customer success, culture and employee engagement. MOBI’s offices in Indianapolis will remain open and become headquarters for the combined company’s global MMS business. Current customers will continue to be supported by the same talented, dynamic teams on which they currently rely.

“This is a great opportunity to bring MOBI’s award-winning solutions to the global marketplace,” said Kraege. “By teaming up with the global TEM leader, we can accelerate investment in our solutions and bring new functionality and enhancements to market more quickly. Enterprise mobility programs can become overwhelming for organizations to manage, especially on a global scale, and today, we can now offer a solution that not only meets—but exceeds—customer needs and expectations.”

Irwin continued, “We are excited about combining MOBI’s next-gen automation capabilities, including Mobots™ and robotic process automation (RPA), into our customer support operations. This was a timely opportunity to combine the world’s largest TEM company with this high-growth, customer-centric MMS provider. MOBI can now accelerate their growth trajectory, and Tangoe can provide the financial backing, strong strategic home and cultural fit for MOBI.”

Tangoe has experienced several key milestones over the past 18 months. These include the launch of the Tangoe Atlas platform; introduction of a new leadership team; new product strategy and cloud expense management solution; and record-breaking attendance at Tangoe’s user conference, Tangoe LIVE. The company also made a multi-million dollar investment in customer support and technology, including the recent rollout of ServiceNow.

About Tangoe

Tangoe is the global standard for America’s greatest brands. Tangoe customers trust them to optimize more than $40 billion of technology expenses and manage the lifecycle of more than 10,000,000 technology assets. Tangoe’s customers cite five reasons Tangoe is their preferred solution:

  • Customers – Tangoe has earned the trust of a who’s who of America’s greatest companies.
  • Technology – Tangoe offers a modern, cloud-based, advanced-architecture technology platform.
  • Savings – Tangoe leads the industry in one-time, continuous, and total cost savings.
  • Global Reach – Tangoe serves the global needs of the largest, most sophisticated companies.
  • Customer Service – Tangoe has multiple quality initiatives delivering ever-better service for customers.

Tangoe is the industry leader. They optimize more technology expenses and manage more technology assets than their next three competitors, combined.

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