Keg Logistics Announces Significant Investment to Drive Accelerated Growth

Keg Logistics today announced a significant investment from Bregal Sagemount, a growth-focused private equity firm, aimed at supporting the company’s continued expansion.

Keg Logistics is the leading provider of keg leases to craft breweries around the world, an end-market that analysts expect to double over the next five years. The Company partners with the industry’s fastest growing breweries and wineries to give them a clear path to keg ownership while preserving their own capital for other uses. Keg Logistics has experienced accelerating annual growth for several years and will be using the invested capital to rapidly scale its services, market reach and continued value add to its customers.

Chris Sapyta, CEO of Keg Logistics explains, “When I launched the keg finance and management space 19 years ago, the craft brewery segment was still in its infancy. Today the sector has expanded to the point where geographic density makes our “rent to own” model the best long term solution for brewers and wineries of all sizes. Kegs last over 30 years, it just doesn’t make sense for someone to pay “per-fill fees” or rent forever. Keg Logistics partners with forward-thinking breweries and wineries, providing them the pathway to owning their own branded kegs, and winning the next chapter of the industry’s growth.”

“Keg Logistics is the only keg financing business focused on making the brewer successful,” added Gene Yoon, Managing Partner at Bregal Sagemount. “We have the top management team offering a transformative product to the rapidly growing craft brew market. We intend to invest heavily to enable Keg Logistics to disrupt the market and help craft breweries and wineries around the world thrive.”

Sapyta added that the company’s steel, 30 Liter keg “one-way” ship and forget export program for both USA and EU brewers has been met with great enthusiasm. Brewers have been looking for a solution that allows them to eliminate the use of plastics kegs. Our program saves brewers and importers money, and presents the product with the intended taste profile integrity without any wasted product.

Mr. Yoon, Adam Fuller and Arjun Mehta from Bregal Sagemount will join Keg Logistics’ Board of Directors. Previous stakeholders including Chris Sapyta and other employees will remain significant investors. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

About Keg Logistics

Keg Logistics is a leading provider of keg financing to breweries and wineries globally. Started by industry veteran, Chris Sapyta, Keg Logistics provides breweries and wineries a flexible pathway to owning their own kegs and maximizing their growth and profitability. In addition to financing solutions, Keg Logistics also manages logistics and provides 3PL support. For more information, please visit

About Bregal Sagemount

Bregal Sagemount is a growth-focused private capital firm with $650 million in committed capital. The firm provides flexible capital and strategic assistance to market-leading companies in high-growth sectors across a wide variety of transaction situations. Bregal Sagemount invests $15 million to $150 million per transaction into targeted sectors including software, digital infrastructure, healthcare IT / services, business and consumer services, and financial technology/specialty finance. For more information, please visit

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